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Working with our Partner Primary Schools

As part of the transition program Class 6D from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School visited us 6th July 2011 and the students created webpages.
They learnt some basic HTML, including creating links and using hexadecimal Colour Codes.

A special thanks to the helpers from Year 8 and 9: Zan, Mahir, Amber, Jackie, Chandni, Jayna, Isobel, Alisha and Amrit


Links to year 12 ICT BTEC websites created for Edexcel Unit 28 Website Production

The Brief is...

Design and create a website for Evolution - A gaming store that provides games for various computer and console formats. Also provides hardware equipment and reviews of products

Dharak Dhillon
Hafsa Hassan
Imran Jade
Kainat Lee
Milad Murtaza
Mychris Nikisha
Omar Piyula
Reece Thanu


A Level Computing Projects

OCR Computing H447 - F454

In this unit, candidates develop their knowledge and understanding of computer systems and the skills studied in AS F451: Computer fundamentals and AS F452: Programming techniques and logical methods and use the high-level programming techniques studied in AS F452.

This project is a substantial piece of work, requiring analysis and design over an extended period of time, which is organised, evaluated and presented in a report.

Candidates choose, in conjunction with their teacher, a well-defined user-driven problem of an appropriate size which enables them to demonstrate their skills in Analysis, Design, Software Development, Testing, Implementation, Documentation and Evaluation, and their interrelation; and to give a completed overall system that solves the problem.